Where is gilding found?

Gilding is the application of thin sheets of beaten metal (usually gold) to a solid surface as a means of surface decoration. Gilding is commonly seen on decorative items such as picture frames, mirrors and furniture. In addition, artists have used gilding techniques in the creation of Fine Art. Gilding has been used in the religious and secular arts for several centuries, examples including Iconography, Illuminated Manuscripts and reverse gilding and painting on glass (otherwise known as Verre Eglomise). Architectural gilding, which also has long-standing historic roots, can be seen on the exteriors and the interiors of churches and government buildings. Often, architectural gilding can be found in lobbies and public spaces of commercial buildings such as hotels and corporate headquarters. Sign Gilding is another discipline within the Gilding Arts. Sign makers will create gilded signs for exterior and interior applications. Often sign makers will apply gold leaf to the interior surface of glass for lettering and other decorative commercial applications.

~Society of Gilders